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@toiletduck Without a strap, I would suggest the most comfortable way to play is sat at a desk, putting both elbows down on the desk to support the weight of your head and goggles. But have a clear desk (unlike mine) cos when you want to turn to look around mess be happenin.

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I've always loved the swimming in BotW, but with the VR goggles it's even better.

The VR gives a real injection to this game for me. The reduced clarity makes distant areas more intriguing, and I just rant to swim in every waterbody in the game again to now get a better appreciation of the variation in depth etc. below the surface of the water and watch the fish.

I've always wanted a follow up game to introduce underwater exploration, but with the VR goggles I need it even more.

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I got the game on Wii U again since I had to return my press copies to Nintendo a good long while ago, but while playing a new playthrough, I tried to tackle a difficult shrine about 25 shrines in and had to retreat because my gear was too weak at the time and now I can't remember which shrine it was. Please tell me there's a way to tell if a shrine still has its Spirit Orb without having to enter every single one I've already done...

Unfortunately a shrine turns blue the second you enter it so visually there's no way to tell it apart from the one's that I actually beat and obtained their Spirit Orbs...

Edit: Whoops mega-typo corrected lol. xD

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They only turn partly blue. The top will still be orange if you haven't completed it. And I believe something similar happens to it's icon on the map (blue/ orange mix).

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You can teleport to it once you activate it. On your map, it will remain orange until you complete it, when it will turn blue instead.

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It will be hard to find back on your map once you are opening a lot of shrines everywhere. It helps to put a seperate mark it on your map, just to be sure



So I'm finally going to get Breath of the Wild.

My question is this:

Should I buy the whole package with DLC?

Or should I use one of my vouchers on just the main game?



As far as I know, the pack with the dlc offers close to no savings.

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Alright all I need serious help...

Alright, I went into the Yiga Hideout to reclaim the jewel that was stolen by the Yigas. I collected a bunch of jewels from inside the hideout and I didn’t want to lose them so I teleported out of the hideout before I recovered the jewel and defeated the boss.
Anyway I’m trying to re enter the hideout. I’m going to the right spot on the map but I can’t find anyway to get in. When I go to the back of the hideout where the big hole is the door is closed and I can’t enter.
Help!! I can’t defeat the last divine beast until I recover the jewels.
How can I enter without restarting the game over..




Where are you entering it from?

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I think everyone had this problem, where it is on the map isn't the entrance and tbh it's been too long since I last played that bit to remember where it is.

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I’m entering from where it’s telling me on the map. The ninjas aren’t there like they were when I went there the first time. @Dezzy



I can't remember where it tells you to enter. This is the way to get in though:

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@Shepherd_85 you have to go in from the side where the shrine is and you get attacked by all the Yiga archers.

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Reloading previous save points could rewind things. You will lose progress. I know it's not an ideal solution, but it could get the job done if you've got save points going back far enough.

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I always save at a hard spot. I haven’t been here in a while but have beaten the 4 divine beast. I just this morning finished the shrine in the castle and it was simple. I haven’t went to woop Gannon because I’m afraid there won’t be anything left to do? The side quest are boring accept the Yiga Clan hideout. Any suggestions



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