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@Dezzy, new moons become available to collect in all of the worlds once you clear the story, and there are two more post game worlds after the Mushroom Kingdom that unlock once you reach certain thresholds in your moon collecting (though they're both more challenge oriented with one big challenge each, although the first of the two does have a few extra, really hard to get moons beyond it's main goal).

Yep I already unlocked the Dark Side of the Moon.

I'd just assumed all of the new moons it adds into the worlds are generic collectible types, rather than anything interesting. Is that correct?

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95% chance they're currently making it.

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Yeash big change they are making it.
What whould you like to see?

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Obviously a completely new set of worlds and enemies for capturing.

Also maybe a hub world that links everything together and gives some kind of narrative structure to everything. I prefer when it feels like there's some overarching mission going on, rather than just a series of random levels.

Galaxy 1 did that perfectly.

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@Dezzy I totally agree that the main game feels short and the collectathon doesn't make up for that. I got bored after a while with purposelessly hunting for moons. I understand a lot of people really liked that, but it's just not my cup of tea. Also, it's not really fair comparing any game to Galaxy 1, right? 😉 Feels like we're on the same page here.



I did get back to it, going through post-game (which cleverly uses a Peach trip to send you to replay levels), still loving it. I also love BOTW, but it did kinda feel like it went a bit too far with having you collect stuff in such a vast world, like getting all the armor upgrades is the game asking you to waste time at a certain point. I'm ignoring the new moons you collect when you break the...whatever it is, for now. So the way I'm playing it, essentially I'm making it so I go through the individual levels in a row, but potentially three times. First for the story, then for post-game, then for the extra moons you can unlock from breaking...seriously I don't remember what the thing is supposed to be. It's such a clever way of doing things, it's more like three playthroughs of other 3d platformers (though 2 if you don't do it like I am) rather than just exploring a singular open world for 100s of hours. And because I only did slightly above the bare minimum of moons for each world on a first playthrough, there's still fun and compelling challenges left (some of which I want to say I can only get to now?).

Point is I just love the pacing and how they found a compromise between actual level design in 3d platformers and the modern obsession with absurdly large games with absurd amount of things to do. And like BOTW (and even more like BOTW) it feels like it's up to the player to decide how much they want to do. Honestly makes me wish this is how DK64 had done things (which still would be 2 less playthroughs per level lololololol). And for both games, it should really be emphasized that no one should feel obligated to do everything in these games. I wouldn't even recommend it for all of the old Zeldas and Marios tbh, 100% completion is often not the ideal way to play these games. So I don't know how I'll feel about post-game by the end, but there's basically no way it will take away from how much I loved the first 15 hours.

but all that said, i dont want this all the time by any means, give me more great linear games and galaxy 3 plz

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Although I have noticed that quite a few of the post-game are interesting challenges. I assumed they were all just meaningless collectathon stuff, but quite a few are more developed. So it's not as bad as I assumed.

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@Dezzy that's definitely through! I recall having a hard time distinguishing the ones being worth while from the boring ones though. Eventually that made me drop out...



The only particular thing I hated in the post game was the snow race. I had collected every moon in the worlds prior to that one, but that snow race was enough to make do the Dark Side and then drop the game. It isn’t a fun mini game and I hope it doesn’t come back.

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Hey does anyone know who did the mario mobile wallpaper art for Super Mario Odyssey. It's very close to yoichi kotabe's style, but he's been retired for some time now. I'm trying to find more of it because I love the style.

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Finally got to the Darker Side.

Well this is rather annoying with no checkpoints! Fun as well though. Feels like a 3D World level.

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What do you guys think the next 3D Mario game will be? Galaxy 3? Sunshine 2? Odyssey 2? Or something new entirely?

Right now my money is between Odyssey 2 and Sunshine 2. Something tells me that they might have had plans for an Isle Delfino level in Odyssey, before they realized they had enough ideas to make a brand new Super Mario Sunshine game.

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@iKhan all I can think is, they still haven't ported Mario 3D World. Is the Wii the only time they made two 3D Mario games for one console? I guess I lean toward at Odyssey 2, but I'm cool with something else.

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@iKhan 3D World port or Odyssey 2 with 1 of them coming next year.


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I think they're definitely working on Odyssey 2, for a few reasons:

-It's the best-selling 3D Mario game they've ever made.
-It's always cheaper to just reuse an engine and some of the assets you've already made, than to do something else from scratch.
-The capture concept has so much room for further ideas, that I just can't imagine them leaving it at that 1 game.

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Yeah, my bets also on Super Mario Odyssey 2.

They stopped DLC for Mario Kart 8 when they worked on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
They stopped DLC for Super Mario Maker when they worked on Super Mario Maker 2.
They stopped DLC for Breath of the Wild when they worked on the Breath of the Wild sequel.

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It would also be highly unlikely that they're not doing a port of 3D World. It's too perfect a game for the Switch, what with the multiplayer that can be played on a small screen (due to lack of splitscreen). Also the obvious fact that it would sell like 10 million copies.

My guess is they've already done it (a bit like they've probably already done Prime Trilogy HD), but are holding onto it for a point where they expect to have a gap in their release calendar. This year's been so packed that it really wasn't needed.

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@Woomy_NNYes Yeah the Wii's the only console with two 3D Mario games. The N64, GameCube, Wii U, and Switch each have one.

@NorseGamerTommy Yeah me too, I'd love an Odyssey 2. I wanna see more kingdoms (maybe like 15 more full-sized kingdoms) to play around in, each with their own set of Power Moons to collect. They could do just that, and add some more enemies to capture, and I would be perfectly happy!

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Yea, I think Odyssey 2. I just hope they come up with a bigger hub world this time. But I guess that's not really the Odyssey game design, though.

I still think Mario 64 was the perfect 3D Mario.



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