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-Paper Mario in the vein of Sticker Star and Color Splash. Time to go back to the style of the first two.
-Mario Party with that darn car and forced motion controls. Mario Party 11 should get rid of the car and allow Pro Controller support.
-Games that require Amiibo
-New Super Mario Bros.
-Another 3D Land or 3D World
-Super Mario Maker port
-Spin-offs of Zelda and Metroid
-Animal Crossing spin-offs: Put all the time and money into a main series title.

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-Any Fire Emblem before The Sacred Stones. They're too archaic and/or have too much Roy.
-Any Zelda game that isn't in Toon style.
-New Super Mario Bros.
-Sticker Mario
-Mario Kart 8 (oops, too late)
-Mario Party with car.
-Another remake or re-release of Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow.


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LArachelDisciple wrote:

-Any Zelda game that isn't in Toon style

we still on the "I want a realistic Zelda game and not a sequel to Wind Waker" bandwagon?

I thought that crashed years ago

-Sticker Mario

You mean Paper Mario? So you wouldn't like to see a HD remake of Paper Mario from 64 on Switch?

And I suppose you don't want a Virtual Console version of Thousand Year Door?

-Another remake or re-release of Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow.

Fair enough, Red & Blue versions got their remake through Fire Red & Leaf Green so I think if anything needs a remake, it's probably Diamond & Pearl using Sun/Moon's engine



Sorry, I miscommunicated. I love the Toon style and can't stand realistic Zeldas. I was saying that I don't want to see a new Zelda game unless it is in Toon style.

By "Sticker Mario", I meant that I don't want anything resembling Sticker Star. Though I wouldn't want HD Paper Mario either, since I can still play that one on the N64. I'd want a new game.

I should have used more words.


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Phazon wrote:

we still on the "I want a realistic Zelda game and not a sequel to Wind Waker" bandwagon?

I thought that crashed years ago

And that's why I don't like most of the Legend of Zelda games. Also, it's not like Twilight princess is in any way more realistic than Wind waker, it is just (imho) much more appealing, fascinating and immersive. I usually hate realistic graphics, and I can tell you for sure that there is absolutely NOTHING realistic in Twilight princess, and that's one of the many reasons I like it so much.
It is not realistic by any means but still it is a lot more immersive and intriguing than other Zelda games

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The only game I don't want to see are a Paper Mario sticker game or port of the older games. Give me a brand new HD Mario RPG.
I know I'm gonna see a lot of hate for this but I really hope Nintendo doesn't just lazily port most of their games from the Gamecube era onwards as "HD remasters." It's incredibly lazy. Porting some of your more well-known Wii U games to fill in droughts? Okay. Porting over just about every single semi-decent game you've published (unless of course it's through a virtual console esque service) as retail products? No.
TL:DR, give me new games over ports any day

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@LuigiTheGreenFire - I am going to be honest, Color Splash is really held down by the sheer existence of Sticker Star. Though it isn't the greatest, yes, that game is pretty good. A return to roots would be an excellent thing for them to do.

But to add my lot to the topic; Mario and Luigi RPGs. Yuck.



I think I'd be frustrated if a non-main series Animal Crossing came to the Switch. I love Happy Home Designer and never bothered with Amiibo Festival but it definitely would be sad if we got teased with something else when it's really clear what the fans want. I'd also probably prefer GameCube ports over Wii U ports if they have to be made so I'd love to see older games come back instead of games I've played pretty recently. In general though, the more games, the better!



Crappy mobileindie games, other than that. I'm excited to buy everything for my Switch if possible, my ps4 will now get in line and become the exclusive machine.

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Candy Crush for Switch


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Less games like Touhou Kabuto V Burst Battle and Fate / Extella: The Umbral Star.

I like anime games, but Touhou looks like a poor man's ARMS, and Fate/Extella is just an ok-ish Warriors clone (and Warriors fans know they should wait for Fire Emblem Warriors coming out in November or get back into completing Hyrule Warriors on Wii U/3DS).

The games initially looked very interesting, but do we really need clones of games that Nintendo has already released or will release soon in "more beautiful" and "bigger and better"?

These are just fanservice games, and I canceled my preorders. I'd rather take "Troll and I" and have a flawed but original 2-player co-op action-adventure.

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@Bunkerneath I could see it happen though. They could bring Fruit Ninja I'd be alright.

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