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I recently played the two switch Super Mario party mode with the tanks, with friends when we were on a round table.
It was so good and worked so well being gathered in the middle looking down rather than using the stand.
I was wondering if anyone had any more suggestions for games that are like this too as Mario party only has those rec room games!

Also good was the two v two (two on each switch when the switches were back to back)

Wii party u had a mode I think too




I believe Mario Party is the only game to have features unique to tabletop mode. Technically you can play every game in tabletop mode like this, it’s just not very comfortable, in my opinion.

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1. Go Vacation
2. Overcooked 2
3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
4. 1-2-Switch

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Thanks for the help.
Good game suggestions there,
To answer my own question from advice 'offline' I've got the idea... Super bomberman R!
That will work with everyone looking down in the middle of a table with everyone around it!



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