Topic: Am I the only one who's really missin' 1:1 swordplay in Breath of the Wild?

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I miss it yes. And motion controls done right generally - pointer controls of Metroid Prime 3 as an example.

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You mean do I miss one of the main things about SS that completely ruined the game for me (the other being the terrible, long drawn out dialog sequences... yeah, SS is one of the worst Zelda games IMO)? Absolutely not. BotW did it right. Sparingly use motion and only to enhance the experience (e.g. aiming a bow), not to define it.

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Yes. It doesn't even have to be 1:1, a waggle option would be nice to make it a bit more immersive.

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I don't miss the Skyward Sword motion controls at all. They only seemed to work half the time for me, which made many of the boss fights that required precise sword strokes infuriatingly difficult at times.

Now if we could also get Nintendo to do away with weapon/shield durability as well...



Yes I miss the 1:1 swordplay, it seemed like such an evolution for the series.

I wouldn't mind if they tacked on motion controls for BOTW. I know that they wasn't great for TP, but Star Wars The Force Unleashed was more fun on the Wii than on the 360/PS3 because of the motion controls, so they can definitely add something if done right.



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