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Topic: Wii Kids Games ages 3-6

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I just purchased my first wii gaming system last month and looking for reviews on Wii kids games for ages 3-6 fun-packed, educational, and easy for those young ones to handle themselves or with their age group friends. I purchased "Dora saves the Crystal Kingdom" which my 4 yr old daughter just loves! It has the option of tutor assistance throughout the game ... I like this feature alot!! <---- Highly recommended!! I've also purchase "Disney Epic Mickey", "Spongebob's Boating Bash", and "Super Mario Bros." which are WAY too hard for her age group. If anyone could further help me with reviews, tips, or any advise I certainly would greatly appreciate it, as would my lil one.

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Welcome to Nintendo Life Squino. If you are looking for some suggestions for Wii games for young children I suggest checking out this similar thread. There are some great suggestions there.

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