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By what gamestop announced, during earnings briefing today, the switch is on par with the Xbox one interest range, at the relative time, and 27% of the PowerUp Rewards members of gamestop has made their turn in for the console, but how many could that be? Well as stated by "The Street" news site, "GameStop’s (NYSE: GME) loyalty program, PowerUp Rewards, now has 20 million members" and that reffers to 2012.

With that in mind would it be a good move for nintendo to just release 2 million units of Switch? By previous experience nintendo could fall once again in the hands of resellers that buy a lot of the stocks to resell it a lot more costly.

And you guys what do you thing about the interest on the new Nintendo's game platform? How many units would be a better target point in your point of view?



Those GameStop figures should be taken with a pinch of salt, as it's one thing to say you're "interested" in a videogame system based off of virtually nothing other than a short concept trailer, turning that into a locked in sale (particularly at launch) is another thing. Also to be expected that regular gamers are at the very least interested in a game system, no surprise there. And of course GameStop want to drum up interest in this thing so anything other than positivity from them would be worrying for Nintendo.

Though it should not be dismissed either at just 'same-old-same-old' pre Nintendo console launch talk. It should be very apparent that there is more general interest/optimism/coverage in general around the Switch than the Wii U, and even that system sold out in places at launch. If the price is what has been rumoured along with the lineup of games I struggle to see how/why 2 million would be an unattainable sell-through target at launch. I personally at this stage think that is lowballing it significantly.



One thing I want to point out: Nintendo said they'd ship about 2 million by the end of the fiscal year. The fiscal year ends March 31st. If the Switch launches toward the end of March, it wouldn't be that bad. They'll of course keep manufacturing and shipping more consoles out later.

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The survey asked if the members were planning on buying one, but not everyone is going to get one at launch. I feel like having 2 million at launch is a safe number: enough so that those who really want one can get one, but at the same time not producing too many, in case the Switch doesn't sell very well at launch.
Edit: I might adjust my opinion in January based on how well the full reveal goes.

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