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When the 14th birthday of NiGHTS, from NiGHTS Into Dreams... on the Sega Saturn, was approaching a little while back, DiGi Valentine of decided, on a whim, to contact Yuji Naka, the creator of NiD.

Now, usually when fans approach the creators of their favorite franchise (if they even dare to do such a thing), they get the cold shoulder, an automated response, or the short reply of "no". This is especially true if someone is famous and known not to give interviews in general.

So imagine the surprise of DiGi Valentine and TRiPPY, his wife, when they got an actual, human response.

The result of a few back-and-forth e-mails was the opportunity to get an interview from the man himself. Twenty-four hours later, DiGi and TRiPPY had eighteen questions ready and sent. "Yuji Naka had sent his reply to [their] questions on NiGHTS' 14th Birthday [July 5] but [they] were not able to have it translated in time." It was only today that the interview was finally done being translated, and was able to be released to the general public.

Some of the things learned in the interview are if there's a "meaning behind the lower case 'i' in the name NiGHTS", the truth about a PC port of the original Saturn game, and what Reala was really saying right from the beginning (believe it or not, it originally wasn't "There is no NiGHTS").

Catch the full interview here:

This is proof positive that going on a whim can sometimes bring about some unexpected results.

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I loved reading this interview and I'm genuinely pleased for Trippy and Digi - they work very hard for a small but passionate fanbase and I'm really happy they got this interview. I'm surprised they didn't mention their plan to burn all their NiGHTS merchandise, though...


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