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Atlus has a player survey going on right now:

It's not just about Persona, it's about all their franchises, but you can mark Switch ports. If (like me) you want Persona games on Switch it might be good to give them a nudge!



You better all tell them to bring back Snowboard Kids

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@ReaderRagfihs I just have Not even played it, but I knew how much you like it. Have you tried the DS version?

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@gcunit It's the only one I haven't played. From what I hear, it's not terrible as a game, but it has none of the stuff that made the old ones so great. The characters don't even have giant noses for pete's sake!

Mario Maker 2: JN2-5GV-VTF
Latest Level: The Mario Repair Shop 361-D5D-1CG


I told them to make more Monster Hunter games.



Survey only asked me about SMT for some reason.

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@ReaderRagfihs I told Atlus to make Snowboard Kids merchandise WITH the giant noses, without those giant noses, then it wouldn't be a work of art.

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