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Hi there.
This seems like a fairly common problem as I have been seeing it show up a few places but have been unable to find any fix.

I have the Odyssey bundle and when ever my Joycons are removed from the switch and I am more than a couple of feet away the right joycon will constantly desync and disconnect. Sometimes it will just lag very heavily with button input.

I have tried the full disconnect/reconnect method through system settings as well as controller updates etc.

Just wondering if anyone here has has the issue and managed to fix it. I have considered buying new joycons but have heard some people say that even with new controllers the problems persist. Seems like an expensive way to test a fix so thought I would try anything else first. If I knew another person nearby with a Switch I would try my joycons there but sadly I don't anyone who owns the system.

Any help or ideas greatly appreciated. This is severely impacting my game when trying to play docked. Usually means I have to be right up against the docked Switch. It is also stopping me from being able to recommend the system to friends and family.

Thanks a lot.



Same here. When I am further than 1.9 meters away, I encounter the same problems with my right joy cons. I ve got two pairs - grey and they Splatoon ones - and both have the problems. There is also no obstructions in the way. What helped a bit is to put the switch on the shelf underneath so it is on the same level as the joy con or myself. Second, I have to put my smartphone away - if it is laying next to me on my right - the problems happen much more frequently.

Edit: updating the joy cons under setting didn't help but it is worth a try

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Sounds like interference problems.
Nintendo had a list of things the Switch should not be too close to:

The switch should not be:
Behind a TV

Near an aquarium

Placed in or under a metal object

Pressed against a large amount of wires and cords

Within three to four feet of another wireless device, such as a wireless speaker or a wireless access point.


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@neufel Thanks. I have tried removing some interference but I mean what kind of home console can't be effective around these things. Surely Nintendo would expect people to keep the system in an area like a tv cabinet or entertainment unit etc.

Regardless, thank you for your comment. Will see if the above helps at all.



I believe part of the problem comes from the size of the joycons.
Small controller = small antenna
small antenna = worse connectivity

Do you have the same problem with your pro controller (if you have one) ?


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I keep my dock behind the TV, and while I do get those symptoms sometimes, it's only when I'm at distance, and it's obviously not that much of an issue for me because I just accept it as the price to pay for having the dock out of sight.

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Mine isn't desyncing but my right joycon will randomly start lagging very badly until I power down the system and restart. It all started with street fighter 30th anniversary and now it's every other day even on the system menus . Annoying.



The joycon are quite susceptible to interference. Try repositioning your dock, and yourself, to get the best signal. I found placing the dock behind the TV was a disaster, but bringing it to the front of my TV unit sorted most problems. Anything that blocks line of sight can be a problem. So for example sitting with the controllers in your lap can hamper the signal.

The other thing to try is to turn off literally every other electrical item in the house. If that fixes it, turn things back on one by one to see what is interfering.

If none of that works contact Nintendo support.

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