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Hey everyone!
First of all, sorry if my English is not the best, but I need some help... I'm really afraid...
I had a problem with my Wii u Console.
When I turned on my GamePad, the Wii u Console didn't recognize the Wii u GamePad, so I turned off my GamePad but the Console didn't turn off...
Because of that, I tried to click on the power button of the console but it doesn't help and the console didn't turn off so I disconnected the Wii u from the power supply.
After that everything worked good but I'm afraid that I destroyed something because of what I did and my questions are:
1. If everything works good, can I just leave it and continue with playing or should I need to be aware to the console because what I did even if now everything works good?

2. The Wii u built for such things? I mean if there is a problem that requires you to disconnect the Wii u from the power supply?

Big tnx and sorry if my English was bad ><



I've had to do that a number of times when it has frozen and even holding down the power button on the console didn't shut it off. It will be fine.


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I've switched it off from the power supply several times because my Wii U had frozen or something had gone wrong, and it's fine. You might lose some save data for a game but that's it, just don't do it all of the time

I usually write WAAAAY TOO MUCH! I'll apologise now in advance.


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