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Well Its downloading now finally!
All i needed to do was reformat my wii so I transfered all my games to the sd card
Hope this helped everyone else with the same problem!

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Have you tried playing your downloaded games since you formatted the system?

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yes I did and it works. But the save files are gone so I add to start every single game story all over!

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I just tried to download MaBoShi on the Wii Shop Channel, but I kept getting the 202011 error code. I've done everything that was reccommended on the Nintendo website, and have also noticed that it's only this game that is causing problems, as I can download any other game fine.
I've posted here cause I didn't want to have to create a new thread.



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umm i just tried to download the intenet channel update and im getting
error code 202011 too
i kinda go tthe internet channle of a wad so
maybe that has something to do with it
but still its not like nintendo knows...



I found a solution for the 202011 error...
The thing is that you need to uninstall the old channel using the "wad manager"...
Here is some detailed instructions how to solve it:

I will just assume that you have an illegal installation of the old internet channel:
You will need:

  • "Homebrew channel" installed (that i think that you already have)
  • "Wad Manager 1.4" or 1.5
  • "Internet channel.wad" (the same wad that you used to install the channel previously)

The process is simple... (I'm not gonna explain here to put the files... )
1- Open the HomeBrewChannel
2- execute o Wad Manager 1.4
3- browse to the "internet channel.wad"
4- set the "Wad Manager" to uninstall this wad...
5- That's it... Now you just need to install the new internet channel as it should be done normally.

Don't worry if you have already uninstalled the channel by the official way ... You will need to do this process anyway to make it to work even though the unistalation gives an error message ... It will work...

Good luck everyone...

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