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So I was gunna decide to up and delete my Nintendo Network ID because one the username is way outdated which I can't change, and I made the account in like 2011-12 when I was young and I lied about my age (I said I was born in 1972) I know from small research that deleting your account deletes DLC and your funds on your EShop, which is fine I only have 33 cents on there and my only DLC is some characters for smash for the 3ds and a game I never play.

I also know it deletes your friendlist and miiverse posts.

My biggest concern is something I read on the internet where it deletes your saves from video games. I don't want to lose the progress I have on Pokemon, Zelda, and New Leaf. I thought it saved to your game card but now I'm worried. I just want to know if it actually does that before I consider deleting.

I'd also like some other info on what else gets deleted if you have any. Thank you!



There are a few games that stores the save data on the SD card instead of a cartridge, including Monster Hunter, Fantasy Life and any digital games.

I don't know anything about deleting your Nintendo Network ID though, or what happens to the save data on the SD card.

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Tough luck. All Your purchases are bind to the console, not Your ID, but to get rid of ID You have to format 3ds,so...

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