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Please can sumone tell me whats happening on black ops?

Just got a update for black ops 2 mins ago. And now i cant even get back online or use online zombie mode. Because the game keeps crashing!!! ive had to hard reset 10 times because of update its made game unplayable?

what are they playing at?

This is worst online experience ive ever had on wii!

i want money back:(

Sorry to rant! but this is becoming annoying

If we knew how small we were are problems wouldn't seem so BIG!


Does the game automatically update? If not, it might be that people haven't updated and there might be compatibility issues because of that. Other than that vague guessing, I have no idea what's going wrong.

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It's probably a relatively new update, which means it may take a few hours for it to start working perfectly again, either that or since it is their first update, they may have done it wrong and you may need to wait for the next one.

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when i started the online mode it asked me to download an update on my wii memory. After a couple of seconds it finish the download. I got one round online and then game freezed. I rebooted it and i tryed to get back online. But it wouldn't let me? it seen that am not only one who's having problems!

But i am getting angry that i payed full price for game that i cant believe past its testing!! its so glitchy:( and has more bugs then insect house lol

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If we knew how small we were are problems wouldn't seem so BIG!


Awww i see maybe your right:)

thank u.

If we knew how small we were are problems wouldn't seem so BIG!


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