Topic: 'An error has occurred' disc reading problem.

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Uh oh, I might have to send in my Wii because I've been getting this error on most of my disc games.


Once, I heard of Band Hero mics causing certain games (generally ones originally meant for the Gamecube, ironically) to have disk read errors. To my suprise, it was true. I removed it, and plugged it back in, and it's been fine. But this is all disks, isn't it? Too bad. Also, if your Wii won't turn on, try removing the power cord from both ends. It works like a charm. And I took good care of my systems, using only licensed accessories. How odd.


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I like how it says "Disc can not be read" using the text from the game indicating it CAN read what game it is. GO BACK TO CARTRIDGES!

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I had this happen to me, but I think I did it to myself, because I inserted my Mario kart wii disc RIGHT as it was searching for it in the mario kart channel. I got it repaired and it works perfectly, but I worry about those stupid dual layer games.

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All this would never happened if you got an Xbox or a PS3



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