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i have a major problem with my 3ds and i have no idea how it happend. i left the 3ds for some time but i recently picked it up and there are NO game icons. we had a folder chock full of games and its not there, but i according to freeshop the games are installed. only the default icons, freeshop, FBI, and FTPD. when i opend FBI a lot is marked in red, almost everything in the files folder. i added pictures of some of it.
a few months ago, if i tried to launch a specific game through FBI this would pop up:
(i know these don't show a lot but this is all i have)
but lately it shows this instead:
note: i've been told that the game saves are still intact.

can you please help as soon as you can? its really bugging me that i cant finish that game and i really wanted to do it for months, i bought this 3ds mostly for it, and its either this or i try to salvage the save files and play on an emulator. thanks in advance!



Sorry but as per the community rules

Do not discuss current gen emulators/homebrew

We cannot discuss this sort of thing about a 3DS. Try Google.

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