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got a turtle beach headset for the wii u playing black ops 2 i can hear the game and people talking in the headset but iam not able to speak back usually when you talk you can see the symbol appear by your name to let you know it is working just wondering is i need to turn something on with the game or in the wii menu or what i would really be thankfull is anybody could help me out thanks Goose



Yeah you gotta enable that mofo by pressing a button or in the options bro... Check the manual dude.





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NLA or NL11?

I have a headset with me right here - the NLA, and there is a little switch on the cord that enables and disables the microphone.

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Personally, I haven't gotten round to using the microphone yet, though I've been using it on my iPod. I am a bit dissapointed with it. I was expecting the cups to be plastic and to fit around the ear. It feels a bit cheap, but it is the less premium option.

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