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but I really don't care if it was the worst I got for free I played it for 5mins? it could have been less.... but once again, I got it for free so it was totally worth the nothing I payed!

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Flingsmash: I got a free Wii Motion+ Controller out of it, but the game itself is pretty bad. The controls are awkward, unresponsive, and sometimes painful, the sounds effects are migraine inducing, and the game is way too short. Then again, its length may be a good thing.

Playground: Hands down the worst DS game I own. A compilation of uninspired minigames, with one or two slightly fun games. It isn't terrible, some minigames are better than the ones in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, but others are terrible.The game resorts to cheap difficulty near the end of the game though. The thing that drives me crazy about this game is that all of the nusic in the game is made up of 13 second loops, and it gets old fast. I've kept this game for one reason, to see the look of horror-stricken look on some dudebro's face when he sees the game was made by EA. It's absolutely priceless.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: "Mario and Sonic in the same game!', I thought to myself. In a place where the Sega vs. Nintendo Console Wars had yet to completely blow over, this seemed like an insane idea. I bought the game expecting something good, but the majority of the games were terrible. I did enjoy a few events in the game though.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World: The story was poor, the combat was broken, and it just wasn't fun. I enjoyed the skits, but otherwise, it just wasn't any fun.

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Mario and Sonic at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Until that point, I was like 'these Wii motion controls work fine. What's everyone complaining about?'

Then I played this game. And realised the mini games controlled like utter crap and motion controls were shoehorned into places that shouldn't have been. Made me realise exactly what kind of gimmicky crap gives the Wii such a bad name.

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Superman 64, Nitro Bike for the Wii, and Shadow the Hedgehog. I didn't think Shadow was bad when I first played it, but looking back, it was bad.

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