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Alright, things here need to go through a huge change, because so much messed up.
Mainly, my Swapnote app. It's really glitchy, as in, I cannot open any recieved swapnotes... yeah. It's pretty bad, and I'm pretty sure that nobody's getting my newly sent ones as well... because I sent a few with no replies. D:
So, um, the SBL can go on though. I had to delete/re-dl SN and it works, or it seems to I guess. But all the attacks, items, etc were lost. D:
We were already behind anyway... so I'm just going to start a new season. It's too hard to get this one going again, and it wouldn't be fair anyway, with everything delayed so long/items aren't there, etc.

So, my main plan is just to lock this thread, and move over to the 3DS forum, which is less active, and makes more sense I suppose than General Discussion.
There I'll set up the Swapnote Battle League 2.0, a free for all basically, where you are all for yourselves. I'll get some signups started, hopefully some swapnotes out for signups, and some rules going. I think it'll be much easier to run, and I'll definitely stay on top of it.
I'm really sorry about this season getting destroyed, mainly by myself, and I feel I've learned from my mistakes and know what I have to do to be successful moving on.
So, look for the thread in this upcoming week, maybe even today!
I hope to see everyone there~

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