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Topic: RIP Mowtendoo, you will be missed old friend

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Do any of you guys remember the youtuber who made funny edited video's his last video being Super spice bros 2 which is the old spice guy (Terry Crews) singing bomb omb battlefield 64, his video was so popular even old spice loved his work...A BIG COMPANY!

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His channel got hacked by hackers, deleted his amazing videos and put some of that hacker video crap saying "who's boss now" and a video of a man shlung so watch out for that.
You will be missed old friend!

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This is why we can't have nice things.
That Mowtendoo guy must have piss someone off, to make them go through all this trouble to hack him. But I'm sure being hacked is not gonna stop Mowtendoo from making more videos, no one gives up that easy.

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Not to mention that he probably is smart enough to keep back ups of his videos too.

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Oh dear, and now the hacker apperently uploaded a bunch of very creepy stuff of his favourite body parts, and now the channel is banned.
Hope he will return soon. LJM is right tough, it just seems random to hack Mowtendo. He probably made someone angry. Or the guy is crazy.




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I've seen Mowtendo's stuff. He was one of my first subscriptions, and kept my activity feed weird. He will be missed.

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