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so, i've been looking around for C++ programming, but i'll be running it on a Mac OS X. i've heard that C++ doesn't work on Mac OS X, but i've also heard that it will run on the computer if you get a compiler. when can i find these things? are they even true? do you have anything to say that might be of help? thanks!



If you can give more details about what you're trying to do, that'd be nice. Otherwise, sounds like you're completely new to programming. C++, C, and Java compilers are available on every major platform, including Mac OS X. Are you new to programming?

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With_Questions wrote:

i've heard that C++ doesn't work on Mac OS X

Whoever told you that has no idea what they're talking about.

Install Xcode, it's everything you need for C-based programming.

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But if you're new to programming, it might be a good idea to handle a more user-friendly language like Java.

Otherwise, you can use Xcode like what pixelman mentioned, which is available on the Mac App Store.

EDIT: I'll just assume you are a beginner:

A programming language is simply "worthless" code that's readable to the people developing an actual program with that language; computers can't read it. You feed the code of a certain programming language into a compiler, which translates it into code the computer can actually understand. But the code is completely useless without a compiler. A compiler isn't included with Windows either. You must get them on your own.

Rather than using standard development programs like eclipse and Xcode, you should use a basic code editor that forces you to read and remember the common code commands of a respective language. If you need help, you can visit sites like Stack Overflow.

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