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Topic: Evil twins?

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mine's sis4unicorns... she only plays shovelware games.... and buys strategy guides for them. every once in a while that rare game comes along that's half crap, half good, and we both play it... that's when the universe explodes. it usually puts itself back together again, but sometimes things end up going wrong. after we both played Tak and the Power of Juju, for instance... a certain shield-bearing nintendolifer happened to begin sporting a rather detestable set of pigtails....

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I forgive you for what you said, X, but I assure you: I have no twin, let alone an evil one.

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bulb-i mean jimmy [ask Ezekiel who he is] he feeds on children under 8 and steals hardcore gamers make them play crappy games like rumb-i mean craple [again] and loves playing the Atari

[anomalous[i know spelled wrong] member] so feenie bet you never got lucky in chat
[feenie] ya
[tbd] green gabe
[feenie] yup i almost drowned in the shower afterwards