Topic: Are there still "classic" games being made?

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I think a lot of what makes a classic is a game that did something "first" and did it really, really well, to the point where other games copy it and it becomes industry standard. I think Ocarina of time is regarded so highly because it did so many things right. In fact, as a series as a whole, the Zelda series tends to always be highly regarded because Nintendo sticks with the formula, but refines the gameplay.

I think it will be difficult to have true classic games in today's day and age. Everything has been done to death in most genres that you just have a game that does things really well. I think what we have now are classic series (of which Mario Kart is another one) that do things mostly right with every iteration that the high quality of the series is to be expected. This is why I am a Nintendo fan, because they seem to be the only company that does this with their series, by and large.


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Last gen game will be consider classics a decade from now:

Street Fighter IV
New Super Mario Bros
Rayman Legends
The Walking Dead Season 1

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Platypus wrote:

I'm guessing every single survival game and anything with zombies will be forgotten.

Mmm, depends on the gamer I think. The original Resident Evil is my most played game. I've beaten it countless times. If I had to'd definitely be over 20 times. That's probably a low number actually. I've also replayed Silent Hill 1&2 countless times.

Platypus wrote:

Also, every console game which relies heavily on its online mode will be abandoned within five years.

Yup. This is the reason I've basically denied myself "fun" over the last generation. I really don't play any online games. I don't want all my memories of a game to be how much fun I had on the multiplayer online, only to be unable to experience that again. The only game I played extensively online was Operation Raccoon City. And yeah I had a blast sure, but eventually I'll never be able to experience that again & I find that quite sad. Thankfully I love the single player as well, so I'm good. Lol

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I would be very surprised if more classics weren't being made.

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