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Sadist wrote:

When I was a kid the hobby was still considered for kids or man children.

Most of high school for me in a nutshell. Though that was a combination of living in bum nowhere (so less of a mix of diverse interests) and not being into most stereotypical dudebro games like Call of Duty and Halo.

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I'm not alone! Lol I'm 35. If you're looking for other people around the same age. Take a look at Adult Switch Gamers on discord 😁


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...okay I'm 32.

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32 are my years. Family had an Atari 2600, Commodore 64, and an NES. Got the Gameboy and SNES later. Played it off and on, but I was too young to be any good at video games and my older brother usually kicked my butt in Mario Kart.

The N64 came out when I was a bit older and became really enamored with Mario 64 and StarFox. Grim Fandango on the PC and Ocarina of Time were the real kickers though, because I became really involved in the stories and puzzles.

There were other great consoles(GameCube, Dreamcast, Xbox,PS2) and games (Shenmue, Killer 7, Wind Waker, Ico) that I liked but I mostly fell off gaming in the later years of the Wii. Sold some of my consoles in college and focused on other things.

Still occasionally purchased NES and SNES games at thrift stores and second hand shops, since I didn’t get experience a lot of the classics. The WiiU was the only Nintendo home console I never purchased.

The Switch and PS4 sorta got me back into gaming.



30 here. When I was kid we had NES and SNES. Then I was away from Nintendo for a while, come back with Wii and DS (then I lived on my own, my brothers always wanted playstation). Then along the way I get Wii U, 3DS and now Switch (I have also Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but never went back to playstation).

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34 years, playing Nintendo consoles since I have memory, grow up seeing how me and my brother couldn't beat punch out NES, and to date, I just can't finish it, but love every minute of it.

I've had all Nintendo consoles to date, and my best friends were made playing smash bros wii in my house in between classes at medicine school. Now we are all medical specialists in different areas, some with kids, some just married, but every now and then we get together to couch co-op. Ultimately we are playing Golazo, Heave Ho and smash.

Personally I grow up with pixels, so the new pixel art wave is a dream come true for me. I have a playstation pro and is just gathering dust, I just can't stop playing pixel art games.



This is a fun thread, just noticed it. Quite the variety of ages here at NL. I just turned 40 last month, and started gaming with my grandma on her 2600 and in the arcades. I’ve been lucky to be a part of the entire home console experience, and I’ve had every Nintendo console except a GameCube (too broke in college to nab one, though my Wii plays minidiscs), as well as a couple Sega and Sony consoles. The Genesis is my all time favorite. The first console I ever bought with my own money was the N64. It was a great feeling, and made me feel like it was some sort of milestone towards adulthood. You’re never too old to feel like a kid. Happy gaming.

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37 and first Nintendo console played was the NES at a cousin's house. I only had a C64 so mario seemed amazing to me. And I thought I'd discovered a real big secret when I jumped over the top of the screen in 1-2 and found a warp zone.



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