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Hi all.
Apologies if this has been a subject that been asked previously on here but I’ve just joined.
I was just wondering peoples ages?
I’m a 45 year old who has loved Nintendo since the SNES days and have bought every console since then.
Any other older gamers around?



There's quite a few dinosaurs on here, I'm 41 soon to be 42 and have been gaming since the 2600 days. I only really got into Nintendo from the 64 though as I was a Sega kid. Other than the Dreamcast though, I've only owned Nintendo consoles since then.

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35 here, guess I'm a lapsed fan why got pulled back with the Switch. Had a NES and SNES as a kid but once we got a PlayStation, Nintendo lost me until the switch came around. Happy to be back



I'm in the 35-40 bracket.

Technically I've been a Nintendo gamer since the mid 1980s thanks to a Donkey Kong Jr. Game & Watch, but as I was a skint kid with an Amiga in the house consoles were never particularly on my radar. I played some SNES and a tiny bit of NES in the early '90s at friends' houses, then some N64 at university, but GameCube was my first self-initiated Nintendo commitment.

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I turn 25 later this month. I started my gaming days with my brother's old PC. But that PC had more than just PC games so I grew up playing NES, SNES, GB and Mega Drive games too. I was so young that I didn't even understand they were console games. I'm pretty sure my first game I ever beat was Kirby's Adventure.

I wished for Game Boy Color every Christmas and birthday for a while and later changed my wish to GBA and GameCube but never got any of them. My mom said the GBC screen was so tiny that I wouldn't be able to see anything. Yet she let me play Snake II and Space Impact on her phone from time to time. I'm sure it was more that I was already playing Pokémon so she didn't want to pay for something I already had. Understandable.

I got my first gaming device when I was 10, Nokia N-Gage. Bought it with my own money. Unlike what people might think, it was actually pretty cool device and I especially enjoyed playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater on it. My brother also got an XBOX when it came out and so I spent time playing games like Burnout and Dead or Alive too.

I bought a Wii when I was 13 and a DS two years later. I was so happy to finally own Nintendo consoles as well as games I'd played many times but this time I really owned them.

TL;DR I'm almost 25. Had a weird journey before getting a Nintendo console despite playing Nintendo games since I was ~5.

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33. My first Nintendo console was the Game Boy.



(40)1st system Atari 2600 2nd NES and i've gone on to own over 25 systems total. I have seen the fall of the assumption that you are a nerd if you play video games. Which started to crumble my Freshman year in high school with the release of the original Playstation. Now more people under 40 play video games than not. I guess us (IMO) old farts where just ahead of the curve.

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14. First console was the Wii, then got a 3ds, Wii u, second 3ds, dsi, nes and SNES classic, and switch, found this site a couple months before the switchs launch

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I'm in my late 20s and have been getting my Nintendo fix ever since age 3-5. One set of cousins owned a NES while another set had a SNES. The latter figures into quite a bit of my childhood since my aunt babysat me a lot. Another babysitter had a Sega Genesis, so I gleaned some gaming experience from that too.

I obtained my first Nintendo system at age 10 (GBC) and mostly had Nintendo handhelds only (as they were more affordable for my parents) until I was in high school. Then we received a family Wii. After moving out a few years ago, I've bought every Nintendo console since.

...Minus the Switch, but I'm hoping to correct that soon.

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Always have been a Nintendo Kid.
I have all there systems and handelds

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I will turn 35 years old on 30 October 2019.
I played NES when i still Primary student (90's era) despite the cart was a pirate (100 in 1)
I started to play Original Nintendo devices (3DS XL) on 2 November 2013 and have collected more than 140 different titles of Nintendo games.

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An older crowd here than I expected! 28 here and although PS1 was my first console, I was introduced to gaming through the SNES, and Gamecube is where gaming really became a hobby for me.

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14 year old here, my first console was the Wii which I fell in love with. I pretty much only own Nintendo systems, except for the PS4 (because Persona).



This should be a retirement home with all the old geezers around. I’m only 30 years old

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Add me to the geezer list (I'll be 42 next month). Nintendo nostalgia keeps me coming back for more. I've skipped a few of their consoles (N64, Wii, Wii U) but right now is the best time ever to be a Nintendo gamer. 3DS and Switch are superb hardware and the software lineup is incredible.



I just turned 38 back in July.
Started with the NES, which I got for Xmas, in 87 or 88, I forget which year it was exactly, but I did have it for at least a couple years before the SNES launched. Got the Game Boy next for my birthday and loved it. Then saved up allowance and chore money to get myself the SNES, which I was super hyped up for from reading Nintendo Power. Have had every Nintendo system since (excluding the ill-fated Virtual Boy). All of which I still have and are hooked up and all the GBs, GBAs and DSs still work.
The Switch reminds me of the golden SNES days. Tons of great games, both 1st and 3rd party, on a popular Nintendo system.



37 here. Always liked Nintendo, always probably will.



My parents said I couldn't buy a Gameboy when I was as a lad with a paper route. So I rode my bike 5 miles to ToysRus. I showed them!! Got obsessed with getting radical on skis & bikes after Gamecube & PS2. Didn't buy a console until 2016; got a 3DS XL to play Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon. I VERY skeptically tried Mario Kart 7 thanksgiving 2016. I then realized I MUST get a Switch to play Mario Kart 8. Got the Switch at midnight launch release, got BOTW because MK8 wasn't out yet. 2am, I turned on BOTW. It was so surreal I expletive my pants. I had Twilight Princess back in the day, but was totally in the dark on BOTW. So, it was an amazing surprise.

(Bikes have kept me young, and I don't like to admit I've recently left my 30s)

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@Hurblyburbly 27 here, Dad had a NES, I got an Game Boy Color and N64 and every Nintendo console since. Went back and bought SNES when I was in high school. Only one I never owned was Virtual Boy.

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I'm 18. The first games I remember playing, when I was about 5, were the original Sonic games as my older brother still had a Mega Drive (and a PS2 with Sonic Mega Collection). I got a DS and Wii when I was 7 then started getting Official Nintendo Magazine a couple of years later, which is what really opened my eyes to Nintendo's many consoles and franchises, and I've been a huge fan ever since.


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