Topic: Please put back the Size of the VC / WiiWare games (in Blocks) on each Virtual Console (and WiiWare) Game's Page!

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Hi there Someone suggested I post this here, so here I go.

I (and others here I think) would appreciate it if you would put back the Size of the VC / WiiWare games (in Blocks) on each Virtual Console (and WiiWare) Game's Page.

Reasons the Block sizes of the VC / Wiiware games should be put BACK on each game's page:

1. Knowing the block sizes for each game (which btw in the Wii SHop channel are NOT always the correct numbers, those are ESTIMATES; after you download a game, the actual number of blocks it takes up is often different than the estimate you saw in the Wii Shop channel.) is simply useful information that should be on a site such as this

2. How difficult can it be to keep the block info for each VC / Wiiware game (about 20 characters worth of text:
"Blocks: 24 (US) / 26 (EU) just as a example or something similar) on each game's page though?

I mean JUST LOOK at what is STILL there on each game's page (I used Adventure of Lolo 2 here as an example: Name of game, Game profile, Review, Cost (in points), Publisher, Genre, Players (#), Series (a game belongs to), Controller Support, and 3 Release dates along with several screenshots, a movie or 2 and a ton of comments!
That's a lot of stuff!
Now really, is adding something like 20 more characters of text like THIS [Blocks: 24 (US) / 26 (EU)] for each game going to break the server or something? _

3. The SD card support is great, but if you're moving files (save data, suspend save data, channels, VC /Wiiware games, etc) around IN the Wii's internal memory, it is extremely helpful to know how large each of the VC /Wiiware games is. (to help figure out what to delete, if necessary, so you can download more)

4. Simple completeness

5. What this poster said:
"If you know what size a game is it'll save you time as you can make sure there's enough space on the Wii to launch SD card games without fiddling about."

6. Also what THIS poster said :

"You dropped the number of blocks from the general description of each game! Although system 4.0's SDHC fix to the short sighted use of half a megabyte for system memory is welcome (though overdue), memory management is still an issue to me. I still need to keep 320 blocks of system memory available to play World of Goo (the largest game I own) from the SD card and I like to keep some "short burst" games on the main screen for immediate access for me and my young children.
Just yesterday I was searching for some smaller games with good reviews to add variety to our immediate selection, Today I can't do that. I have to prod through the Shop Channel all the way to the point of confirming my purchase to learn the number of blocks a game will consume. This elimination has weakened the usefulness of your site. If you were to add it back I would find it most useful in the "games out now" database screens. I believe others would also find this info useful."

I think that's about it, though if anybody wants to mention another reson to reinstate the Block sizes in the WW/ VC games, please do so.

Thanks for your time all


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This was brought up in another thread actually and I tend to think it'd be nice to get them back. Of course, it'd probably depend on whether anyone saved all the old details from before the sites merged, because no-one's gonna wanna re-download every game on the VC for both regions.



I would actually like to have this information on the page as well.


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