Topic: Should they bring over Guardian Saga on to 3DSware?

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Has anybody heard of Guardian Saga on the Ipod touch? It's pretty much akin to the Old 8-bit Dragon Quest games and it's really fun. I think the developers should switch over and try and develop this and more RPGs for the eshop. I found this game originally for free, as the developers were trying to get the game out to lots of people, but now its like $2 or something, which is guess for an RPG is pretty damn cheap. I think it would be great to see the developers port this game over to the 3DS because the eshop is defenitiely lacking in RPGS and it's really good for $2, but I reckon they should add after game content to keep people happy.

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I agree with this. The eShop needs RPGs and this would be a great one to add. I think the Xbox Live Indie games, "Breath of Death" and "Wrath of Cthulu" would be perfect for eShop RPGs. All of these game have that really old school feel and would probably sell well. Any game that has that nostalgic feel of Dragon Quest is usually an instant favorite in my book. And Guardian Saga does seem like an easy enough game to port. And the extent of 3D effect on the games would be minimal just because of their style so that wouldn't be much work.

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