Topic: Stuck on Legendary Starfy, please help!

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I'm stuck in world 8 first level, I think it's near the middle of the level where you have to cross a long gap. I passed the gap at the beginning but tried everything to cross this long gap with double jump and float but never reach the other side. That area has health replenishments so you get infinite chances but I can't get pass the gap no matter how many times I tried. Anyone else able to get past this?



Alright, take a few steps back before the cliff thing begins. Now run forward and jump into the air as high as you can, then glide. When Starfy begins to sink low, jump up again and continue to glide. I don't think it should be too hard...

If you STILL need help, just post agan and I'll look into it by playing the level myself again.

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Thanks I'll try that.



I had the same problem!
What I did was run, jump as high as possible, then jump again, and glide.



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