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I have 800 points left, which I was going to save for Pop, but Nnoo has abandoned me and lied ("out close to launch my ass), so in my way of "sticking it to the man" I will not buy it. And I want this game to do poorly. And not get an 8 or higher. Which is why I want Corbie to review it

J/K, but I'm not waiting for Pop, and I want to spend my points, so which should I get? I prefer puzzle games that don't have "exact" answers (ex-I prefer WoG to Toki Tori), puzzle games that have some freedom in progression is nice (again, WoG > Toki Tori) and puzzle games that aren't overly challenging (again, Toki Tori was too hard). I'm torn between the two, and plan to get both eventually, but for now, which should I get? Which one do you find more fun and superior overall? People who have played both will be greatly appreciated.

Thinks "Thanks in advance" is such a cliche ending, I will end with this:

Live long and prosper.

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If you like a touch of freedom MvDK might be the way to go. You can solve a lot of puzzles a number of ways in order to get best time. I've yet to play MFC yet, though.

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Indeed, MvsDK often rewards finding your own ways to solve the level, with many levels (especially later ones) having several different ways to go about it. That's one of the main reasons I prefer it over MFC, which is just a matter of finding the correct sequences to follow through the screens. In general, there is just a whole lot more to do and to play with in the little levels of MvsDK. MFC uses a few different ideas over and over again... but either one is a good download.

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@wariowoods: Oh, cool. I'll probably get that then, but I think I'll wait till I return from vacation first. I'm leaving this week and refuse to bring my DSi (bringing Lite instead). Don't want to lose the expensive one now do we



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