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Kit be able to watch videos on the DSi?

(sigh) Dream on!

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it could be done the DSi dose have an SD card slot dont underestumate what nintendo can do!

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You know that Nintendo is launching a WiiWare/DSi video service in Japan which will have the option of downloading television programs from the Wii to your DSi to take with you, right?

Watch the second video at the above link.

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Here's a cool idea: a TV tuner for the DSi and the ability to record straight to the SD card! Neat huh! The top screen shows what's on TV and the bottom screen is the remote control. I bet Japan would be the only region to get this though.

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Yeah the Wii is getting a channel that allows you to watch streaming video in Japan. It had a nice, inviting interface too. You could then dl those vids to dsi along with promo content like virtual coupons. This would make a lot of since stateside, but that would mean NOA would have to be aggressive with their partnerships and when was the last time NOA has been aggressive about anything?

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