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it looks unrelated... from the screenshots on IGN, it seems more like Doom meets WoW.

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Ceviche_Stiles wrote:

Fighting fantasy.. never heard of it is it like final fantasy?

its not even close to what final fantasy is like,fighting fantasy is a gamebook series,the game of it on DS is a First-person RPG that is like Doom and Elder Scrolls put together all in one amazing game.



Bankai wrote:

I had actually forgotten I ever made this thread. Thanks for the necro, hirmanban

I ended up liking this game. Not especially revolutionary, but a reasonable (and challenging) dungeon crawler.

Yeah too bad not many people know about it but i have been getting a lot of people to play it and they end up loving it.probably a big reason why people do not get it is because all the reviewers give it a bad review,but i did not listen to them so i bought it and it ended up being my favorite game.if you ever need help on this game go to,there are alot of people posting on the forums there.

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What rating would you give this Bankai.I would give this game a 10.



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