Topic: DS Lite vs backlit GBA for gba games?

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I am wanting to play some gba games so I need a console and have to get either a backlit gba(original not sp) , ds lite or ds. I just wanted to know which do you think will be better for the overall experience, will the difference be marginal, the same etc?

Does the ds lite have better control compared to the gba, better sound etc specifically for gba games or will the sound be the same on both systems. if I want to play gba games, am I better off with a backlit original gba, gba or ds lite?




I'd get a DS Lite. The screen's a lot brighter and i don't think there are any drawbacks really.

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the only drawback on the DSLite is the turned off screen distracting a little and the unused buttons you can press by mistake every once in a while. otherwise it's the same(if not better)
and the sound in the DSLite it isn't mono on the GBA it is(unless you use earphones)

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I have the 1st Gen GBA SP, GBA micro, & DS Lite. I prefer the GBA micro for GBA games, bright screen & very portable. The only drawback of the micro & DS vs the SP, no backwards compatibility for old Game Boy & Game Boy Color games.
If you get an SP, get the 2nd Gen GBA SP (model AGS-101), it has a much brighter screen than the original GBA SP (model AGS-001).




Well, I play GBA games on my phat model DS and they look pretty good.


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I also think the GBA Micro is the best way to play GBA games - but the size is just too small for some people, so if you have big hands then approach with caution.

After that, a regular DS Lite is probably my preferred option. The ability to play DS games is a nice bonus, and the screen is great. Advantages over the GBA SP include a brighter screen and built-in headphone jack. Drawbacks include giving up link cable support for multiplayer and/or GameCube support, and losing support for old GB/GBC games.

IF you do go with the SP, do some research. Some models have better backlight quality than others. I don't know details though.


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