Topic: Anyone getting tired of all the 'kiddy' games?

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Until recently the Sonic Mega Collection (12+) was my highest rated game. I don't enjoy violent games.
But then (like Corbie) I would get the urge after a stressful day to shoot someone in the face & bought House Of The Dead: Overkill. You can even do it in slow motion! Think I will stick to the kiddie games.

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Whatever the definition of "kiddy" is. Because the Nintendo consoles always tend to have most of the quirky and colorful characters, which some may see as kiddy, that's what I want to play with. It's just something that personally appeals to me more. Sure, I don't mind blasting the **** out of another guy in all its gory detail when I want to vent some frustrations, but I have a hard time playing those games back-to-back.

Mario Forever! (free nipple suit and gratuitous butt-shots included)
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@Bahumut Zero You just said a bunch of games that haven't been announced and Madden is E.


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