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Although NL already gave it a 7 (which isn't half bad), i ould like to know what others think.
It supposedly has 750 (or more) puzzles, so it looks like it has quite a bit of content for 2 dollars.

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I was never that well versed on Chess, although I wish I was! I tried to read through the user guide of Absolute Chess when that was out and I bought it, and I just left kind of puzzled at the end of it all. Does Academy: Checkers have a good user manual that explains the game?

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I don't have it, but from reading the review I can tell...

Academy Chess Puzzles is that, puzzles, you don't need to learn much about chess itself because the game gives you the right situations and you only need to move X times to find the solution.

I guess it should contain basic info, like where you can put who and check conditions, but I doubt it will teach you how to play full chess, I don't think you'll need to know a lot about it either.... I guess solving these puzzles could help you win real chess games though.

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My brother is a American Chess Federation member and I gave my DsiXL to him to test this .... His statements "nice interface, decent puzzles in intermediate and harder levels , a bit to easy in the EASY mode. FUN for folks who just "LIKE" chess but have never really gotten MANIC about the game.



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