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Its funny you know, i'm giving so many information for DSiWare and i don't get even 1 reaction of : Hey your actualy right!
or a simple; Thanks for your information, but no all i get is whining about some dam proof and sources, and besides that i don't get a single reaction! Not any reply or views i don't get neither. I'll shut up about Flipnote Studio, but i'll laugh at you all, VERY HARD!
Does anyone like me saying information about DSiWare, cus all you have to say: Shut up nobody cares about you! or simpler;
No, we don't like your information cus you don't have proof and you whine all day. Because then i'll quit, i think i get more respect at Youtube
So then again does anyone actualy LIKE ME?



Respect needs to be earnt. If you insist on posting endless garbage about DSiWare release dates which you imagined then people are going to get bored of you quickly.

End of discussion.

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