Topic: Please put Sega/Mega CD games on 3DS!

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MegaDrive/Genesis 3D classics are now on 3DS, ... so how long until we see Sega CD ware? Whilst Nintendo have gone for putting their 16 bit SNES on Wii/U only, Sega have seen where the money is and put their classics on 3DS ... but why stop there! Lets get some Mega CD goodness going!

Sonic CD, Snatcher, Shining Force CD, Nighttrap and dare i say it. the mighty... Road Avenger!


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I would get Robo Aleste and probably Sonic CD (Not sure I would play Sonic CD though. Both the Android and Steam versions are very good ports and the 3DS screen is not as nice as the Xperia Play one).

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I would like to see Mega CD on 3DS VC and Wii U VC. Final Fight, Batman Returns, Silpheed, all those old FMV Digital Pictures games (Sewer Shark, Night Trap, Prize Fighter, Ground Zero Texas,....) Followed swiftly with Saturn & Dreamcast VC

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