Topic: Wanted: case that can hold powerpack as well as 2DS XL

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Heya all, I'm looking for a hard carry case that could hold a slim powerpack in addition to my 2DS XL. I'm thinking either something like an Anker 20100 or maybe something a bit smaller. Looks like the Orzly might be able to come close but reading online dimensions and photos isn't the same as checking if anyone else is doing this and confirm what their setup is?

Would love some thoughts. Cheers.



@johnnyramrod If you're talking about this one, then I'd say that looks just fine:

And on these two pages, there's plenty of other models to choose from, which should also be available in your region, or could be shipped to you:

Personally, I'm rather fond of this model right here, which I got for my 3DS XL:
(click on the pictures to enlarge them)
Great case, sturdy and shock proof, and more than enough room for the 2DS/3DS, 8 games, and a power pack, assuming the power pack isn't any thicker than the handheld itself.

I'd like to think that due to it being ribbed on the outside, it adds yet another barrier against damage, one that a smooth-skinned pouch/carry case doesn't have.

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