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hi all,

i start this topic because i didnt find any yet so if one excist dont get mad

So ... i have RR 3D since 3 days and its just so gorgeous.

pros :

  • higher speed thrills and happy flow
  • driving mirror in 3D yay !
  • nitro speed for even more speed thrills -> MANY nitro kits
  • much more cars and customization
  • many tracks new and oldschool
  • obviously the revamp graphics ( especially the sun dawns and beach views are just awesome )
  • streetpass ghost data racing
  • watching replays while listening to own music


  • weak music selection
  • too many menus to navigate through
  • tad abit loading times
  • no online gaming doh !

Well so i dont know if this forum doesnt like racing games ( and yes i DONT consider mario kart a racing game, its for the laugh and rascally)
So as of now im enjoying it VERY much even more than SSF4 *cough
ofc SSF is fun in online but at RR there are much more contestants and longer game sessions anyway ...
so what are your experiences with racing etc ... would be interesting too about Asphalt 3D owners , but Ridge Racer got me sucked into
atm climbing the categorie 3 cup and cars, see ya on the tracks thehe



Oh and what are your favourit cars ? i like Eruption and Wisdom very much.
Oh and Evolver looks awesome.
Trying to get those Z and Ex versions hehe.
feel free to discuss ..



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