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I hope it's ok if I borrow this topic for my n00b question which is not technically about USUM, but about X/Y and VC Crystal; seems a bit over it to just create a new thread for these minor questions.

So I play X and Crystal on my N2DS XL. Now I wonder what happens if I catch Pokemon on X and transfer them to X?
1) Basics first: I can indeed transfer Pokemon 'upwards' this way, right?
2) Will Pokemon X recognize de Pokemon as a 'trade' - so will I get boosted experience?
3) Can I evolve Kadabra this way?




So, there is an XY discussion but it doesn’t matter now. I will answer your question here.
1) This is hard, I having to done it for ages so. Download something called Pokémon Bank, then if the X game card is installed, Open Pokémon Bamk once you have downloaded it. You need to purchase a pass, I recommend the free one as it only works for a few weeks but it’s worth it. Once you have done that, go and use the ‘Poké Transporter’ to move them to each game. This only works if the game you are transferring to is newer that the one the Pokémon come from.
2) I don’t know.
3) Posdibly if it is a high enough level.

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