Topic: Bravely Default or Second for a newcomer?

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So I'm interested in the 'Bravely' games, I've searched the forums, but no other obvious comparison threads exist.

From the little I've heard about them, BS doesn't really add much if you've already played BD - i.e. it reuses locations, assets etc. - to the point where it seems if you've played BD you may not find BS worth it.

But I've also heard several people grumbling about something towards the end of BD that gets very tiresome and has really spoiled the overall game for some.

So based on the above, does it make sense for a newcomer to skip BD and just get BS, or is BD still a better game? Or do they really need to be played as a series?

No spoilers please.


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In my opinion, definitly BD first. BS does have some known locations, but a lot of new ones as well. as for story line, your best experience will be playing the two in the regular order.
its like pokemon black and white and BW2- there are some similarities, but the best option is to play them one after the other



From what I understand, BS is the continuation of the story from BD, so it would be better if you played them in order to get a full grasp of the story and characters. BS has new characters, but also has some pretty important characters returning from BD.

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