• News Star Fox Zero Is Being Co-Developed By Platinum

    But no, Hideki Kamiya isn't involved

    When Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that the Wii U would be getting a new Star Fox, he stated that Nintendo was seeking a partner to aid development. Miyamoto has now confirmed via Nintendo's ongoing Treehouse Live segment that Star Fox Zero - for that is its name - is being co-developed by PlatinumGames. Platinum's...



  • News Platinum Hopes to Bring "More From Bayonetta" in 2015

    We dream of DLC, may be anime

    Bayonetta 2 was one of our favourite releases in 2014, the action exclusive on Wii U providing a frenetic, memorable experience. There are some positive teases ahoy from Platinum Games to excite those that enjoyed the sequel and its predecessor, in that case, courtesy of an update from senior figures that worked on the...







  • News Bayonetta 2 Listed for Summer Release in Japan

    PlatinumGames title and Hyrule Warriors still just '2014' for the West

    Following its recent financial results report, Nintendo has issued some supplementary information that includes release dates and windows of major upcoming titles. Following the trend of the last quarterly update juicy dates are held back, presumably in favour of later reveals,...