• Feature Why We're Still Playing... Bayonetta 1 & 2

    Tom Whitehead on why nearly dislocating his thumbs is fun

    When Bayonetta was confirmed as the final character in Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS, I couldn't help but be amused. Here's a character that's spent two games torturing and spanking (literally, at points) angels from heaven and demons from hell. When a combo move is achieved her outfit...

  • News Bayonetta 2 to Have a Standalone North American Release on 19th February

    Will set you back $29.99

    Bayonetta 2 remains one of the finest exclusive releases on Wii U, though back in October 2014 it had an interesting, and slightly muddled, release. After flip-flopping on details following its initial E3 reveal, Nintendo's regional subsidiaries ended up taking different approaches when publishing the PlatinumGames title. In...

  • News PlatinumGames Will Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary This Year

    Here's to the next ten

    On 2nd February PlatinumGames will celebrate its 10th Anniversary, a fact it's reminded us of as part of its New Year post to fans. The studio that evolved from key members of Clover Studio (which was funded by Capcom and produced brilliant games such as Okami) has rapidly earned a reputation for high quality and exciting...


  • News Star Fox Zero Website Has Fans of amiibo and Online Play Dreaming

    It happens with vague starter websites...

    Earlier today we highlighted the fact that the Star Fox Zero official website has some lovely wallpapers to download that help ease the pain of its delay into Q1 2016. Sure, it'd have been nice to play the game this festive season, but putting one of these on our desktop will cheer us up in the meantime...






  • News Platinum Hopes to Bring "More From Bayonetta" in 2015

    We dream of DLC, may be anime

    Bayonetta 2 was one of our favourite releases in 2014, the action exclusive on Wii U providing a frenetic, memorable experience. There are some positive teases ahoy from Platinum Games to excite those that enjoyed the sequel and its predecessor, in that case, courtesy of an update from senior figures that worked on the...