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  • Preview Unraveling the Truth in Yoshi's Woolly World

    Baby Mario cheerfully absent

    For many years now fans of games in the Yoshi series have been clamouring for a successor to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, yet the games Nintendo has presented us with so far haven't quite hit the mark. Yoshi's Story ditched the somewhat irritating Baby Mario mechanic much to the delight of many, but overhauled...

  • News Yoshi's Woolly World Yarn amiibo Now Available for Pre-Order on the Nintendo UK Store

    You'd better be quick!

    We've seen lots of delightful amiibo over the past few months from the Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party ranges, however it's the yarn Yoshi amiibo figurines which tie in with the release of Yoshi's Woolly World on Wii U which really seem to be exciting collectors at the moment. They're amiibo made of wool and ridiculously...

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    Wii U eShop / DS

    Review Yoshi's Island DS

    Swap-a-bye baby

    The challenge of having to follow up such a hot act as Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is staying true to the original while simultaneously feeling fresh and exciting. The original Yoshi's Island was a pioneer in its design; that design can be straight-up copied again, sure, but the sense of surprise that the first possessed...

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    Wii U eShop / DS

    Review Yoshi Touch & Go

    Fleeting fun

    Between the DS, 3DS and Wii U, Nintendo has delivered many touch screen gaming experiences throughout the years. While some are genuinely creative and/or mechanically deep, others have ended up feeling like little more than an experiment or a tech demo rather than a full-fledged game; Yoshi Touch & Go falls into that latter...

  • News Those Yoshi's Woolly World Yarn amiibo Are Up for Pre-Order in the UK, and They're Pricey

    Holy Knit!

    When it comes to amiibo, it's hard not to be charmed silly be the yarn toys that are being released along with Yoshi's Woolly World on Wii U. They're amiibo made of wool - let's just digest that for a moment... Of course, stock will probably be harder to come by than an original Call of Duty concept, so the race will be on. UK gamers...

  • News Mario Maker Japanese Website Points to Inclusion of Yoshi and, Maybe, Kuribo's Shoe

    8-bit Yoshi, HD Kuribo's Shoe? Sign us up...

    Sometimes it pays to look for clues and information on official Nintendo game pages published for the Japanese market. Some eagle-eyed Mario Maker fans over on NeoGaf have been looking around the Japanese website for the game and found some interesting pointers on potential content. For starters, as you...




  • News Details and Images are Revealed for an Awesome Articulated Yoshi Figure

    Strike a pose

    Earlier this year we told you about a budget range of articulated Nintendo toys that are already available in North America, some of which are rather charming. The higher quality equivalents - the Figuarts range - are more detailed, however, and the most recent images of the upcoming Yoshi figure are pretty darn cute. Due in Japan in...

  • Feature 12 Days of Nintendo Christmas - Day Six

    On the sixth day...

    In this completely silly run of bite-sized features, we're going to write a new version of '12 Days of Christmas' with a Nintendo twist that will, hopefully, be good enough to sing. Six Yoshis Laying: With the original line being 'six Geese-a-Laying', we thought that Mario's favourite side-kick — apart from Luigi — was the...



  • Weirdness Yoshi's Real Name Is Both Silly and Scientific

    Will re-open the "is he a dinosaur" debate

    We were once told by Nintendo that Yoshi is not a dinosaur, as we'd stated in a feature, but that he was simply a Yoshi. Once we'd dusted ourselves down from the polite but firm telling off, we felt indignant. He is a dinosaur, with boots, what's so wrong about that? It is possible that down the road of...



  • News Yoshi Folder & Bookmark Set Arrives on Club Nintendo on Europe

    Cuteness overload

    The relatively recent 3DS release Yoshi's New Island may have endured a mixed critical and commercial reaction, but we certainly haven't lost any of our love for the mascot(s). Even if his games are occasionally missteps, we still think he's the best dino-like hero in the games industry — he's not a dinosaur, apparently. Club...



  • News Yoshi's New Island is Still Throwing Eggs in the UK Top 20

    Pokémon provides the only other Nintendo-exclusive top 40 presence

    After making its UK all-format chart début in 12th place, a test for 3DS title Yoshi's New Island has been to see how its momentum stacks up — not too badly, as it turns out. In its second week Yoshi's adventure is in 16th place — it holds the same spot in the single-platform...

  • Weirdness Titanfall Gets a Glorious Yoshi Write-Up in The Times

    We'd totally buy Titanfall: Yoshi Edition

    There's no getting around the fact that Yoshi's New Island had mixed reviews — we awarded it a 5/10 score, with various major outlets varying from 4 to 8 out of 10; there's little denying that it divided opinion. It's out in the wild now, however, and consumers will make their own decisions on how the...

  • Feature Baby Mario's Global Adventure Through Twitter

    More social networking hijinks from Nintendo

    During February Cranky Kong took over Nintendo of America's Twitter account for a day in order to promote Wii U release Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Nintendo had made much of the character's inclusion in the game, even officially revealing him at the VGX Awards, and took the opportunity to have a...

  • Month Of Yoshi Your Travel Guide To Yoshi's Island

    Going anywhere nice this year?

    Though we've finally shaken off the last of Winter's dreary cold here at Nintendo Life HQ, it's always tempting to consider taking a quick break somewhere bathed in sun and kalimba music. In our search for the perfect spot, we've come across an old travel brochure that fits right in with the Month of Yoshi. What...

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    Review Yoshi's New Island


    Back in 1995, Yoshi's Island turned heads when it was announced as the successor to the masterful Super Mario World. Appearing to be more of a spin-off than a direct sequel, there was skepticism as to whether such a departure could live up to the Mario name and please fans of the series. Fortunately the unique gameplay mechanics,...

  • Month of Yoshi Guide for Beginner Yoshi Owners

    Practical advice on brightly coloured, insatiable dinosaur maintenance

    Congratulations on your first Yoshi! With the proper upkeep and care, your new addition will prove a faithful companion and friend. As the two of you build mutual trust, your Yoshi can even grow to serve as a chauffeur or care for your easily kidnapped children. Even without...

  • News Nintendo Releases an Extended Gameplay Trailer for Yoshi's New Island

    Eggs-actly what you were looking for (we're so sorry...)

    Yoshi's New Island is just days away, and Nintendo is releasing more footage and generating extra publicity before the final game hatches. We'd expect more egg puns as bad as ours to be poached, too, so we'll be sure not to let our heads get too scrambled. OK. We'll stop the terrible,...

  • Month of Yoshi The Brightly Coloured History of Yoshi

    Getting to know the green one

    We all know and love Mario’s sidekick, Yoshi — he’s the loveable green creature (also available in other colours) who likes nothing more than to gobble up a Shy Guy, flutter gracefully to higher ground or partake in go-karting competitions in his spare time. With Yoshi’s New Island gracing the 3DS this coming...

  • News Nintendo of America Releases Snaps of Young Celebrities Plugging Yoshi's New Island

    Egging them on

    When new games are on the horizon Nintendo occasionally reels out some celebrities to pose with the product in question, to give them an extra cool factor. We imagine that's the intention anyway, some of us older gamers have to consult Wikipedia to find out who these stars are, but we suspect that's not the case for the target...

  • News The Club Nintendo Rewards Are In For March

    Kid Icarus! Yoshi! Being a barber! Battling numbers! Accessories!

    Our monthly routine is here once again, as Club Nintendo in North America has finally updated its rewards with more downloadable games that can be yours in exchange for some hard earned coins. This time around we have two Virtual Console games, a DSiWare option and a quirky WiiWare...

  • News Yoshi Invades the Real World in the Latest New Island Trailer

    Have a new Steel Diver: Sub Wars video as a bonus, too

    With Yoshi's New Island just days away on the 3DS, Nintendo of America has released a live-action commercial to promote the retail release. It's been a trend in the region to blend real-world actors with extravagant props to represent the game in question, and this one is no different. We've...

  • Interview Takashi Tezuka on Bringing Yoshi's New Island to the 3DS

    "We used the original as a base on which to add new elements"

    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is often regarded as one of the finest platformers on Super NES, and potentially a stand-out across generations. After Yoshi's hugely popular appearance in its predecessor, it was a natural progression and one that certainly paid off for Nintendo. Now,...

  • News North American Retailers List Limited Edition Yoshi 3DS XL

    Update: Nintendo of America confirms the rumours

    Update: Nintendo of America has confirmed the March 14th release date and $199.99 retail price, and has also revealed that the game is sold separately and does not come preinstalled on the console. Original story: Nintendo may be masters of surprise reveals and keeping secrets — the 2DS being an...



  • Video Yoshi's New Island Trailer Shows Off Vehicle Transformations

    Because Yoshi can do anything

    Yoshi's New Island hits 3DS on 14th March in both Europe and North America, making it one of the earliest major first-party releases on the portable in 2014. As a sequel to the marvellous Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island on Super NES, it has a tough legacy to emulate. But still, it's Yoshi, so we should try and look...

  • News Yoshi's New Island Hatches in Europe on 14th March

    Nintendo UK offers Yoshi Egg Game Case as pre-order bonus

    Update: Nintendo UK has now clarified that the Yoshi Egg Game Case pre-order bonus will be available from GAME. Original Article: Not too long ago Nintendo of America announced, as a rather casual aside in a broader press release, that Yoshi's New Island will arrive in the region on 14th...


  • First Impressions Yoshi's New Island

    A bad egg?

    The 3DS has been having the time of its short lifespan in 2013, and it's never felt like this before. Rubbish jokes based on '80s songs aside, it's been a glorious six months for the handheld, with some exceptional games already on the market and more on the way. With monster hits like Pokémon X & Y and The Legend of Zelda: A Link...

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    Wii U eShop / NES

    Review Yoshi

    Not very eggciting

    With so many tile-matching games available on so many different gaming platforms, it’s surprising to see that, despite the Wii U launching six months ago, there have yet to be any released on the new console. Nintendo has finally decided to fill that empty gap with the Virtual Console release of Yoshi, an NES era puzzler...



  • Rumour Yoshi's Land Coming To Wii U

    Best Buy product page outs potential sequel

    Yesterday, retailer Best Buy Canada leaked the existence of the Wii Mini - a smaller, cheaper (and arguably less useful) version of the Wii console which was officially confirmed by Nintendo hours later. It would appear that Best Buy isn't done with letting cats out of bags, and has published a product...


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    3DS eShop / GBA

    Review Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island

    Drawing you in

    Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island joined a Nintendo tradition of re-releasing classic titles for a new audience. Bringing an iconic Super Nintendo platformer to the Game Boy Advance seemed perfectly apt, with the handheld more than capable of 16-bit standard visuals. The question remains, is this port worth playing today?...


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    Review Yoshi's Island DS

    A decent game sullied mainly by its overshadowing predecessor

    Following a critically-acclaimed title like Yoshi's Island, the immediate question that most will ask after learning the existence of Yoshi's Island DS will be: is it better than the original? Actually, scratch that: anyone who has played through the sublime SNES platformer will know what...


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    Wii Virtual Console / Nintendo 64

    Review Yoshi's Story

    Not Yoshi's finest hour

    Remember Yoshi's Island on the Super NES? That awesome platformer that swapped the roles and made Yoshi the main hero with (Baby) Mario being the sidekick? It's become iconic, but this is perhaps the first "real" Yoshi game (Mario isn't in the name and he's barely seen in the game) and it does things a bit differently. The...


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    Review Yoshi Touch & Go

    Touching is good!

    Yoshi Touch & Go was an early title for the DS. The game centres on getting the highest score possible, making it feel like an arcade game. With other excellent selections for the DS with much more depth though, this game has been overlooked by many. However, it isn't all that bad. The game starts out with you controlling baby...