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  • Feature The 12 Best Wrestling Games On Nintendo Systems

    Grappling for your attention

    Ah, professional wrestling, the one true sport. Is there anything better than having a big fake fight? Of course not, which is why kids have play-fights all the time. And, just like wrestling, sometimes those fights become all-too-real when someone works themselves into a shoot. Wrestling, of course, has quite the...

  • Feature Wrestling On The Cube: A Complete History

    From WWE to Ultimate Muscle, and Beyond

    Ah, wrestling… one of our oldest guilty pleasures. That peculiar sport / reality show / soap opera is filled with ups and downs and this pattern is somewhat mirrored by its video game counterparts. After dusting off the trusty GameCube and taking a look at the extensive number of wrestling games of its...

  • Review Natsume Championship Wrestling (Wii U eShop / SNES)

    Tapped out

    Let's be honest here: wrestling is essentially one big television drama, and that's no way an attempt to belittle the incredible athleticism of the men and women involved. It's Eastenders with a mullet and tight pants, complete with plot twists and a cast of larger than life characters to root for. These heels and faces are the reason we...