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  • News BBC To Launch New Dedicated iPlayer Wii Channel

    Enhanced version of the popular TV streaming service coming to Wii on the 18th November

    British Wii owners have been able to watch TV programs using the BBC iPlayer since 2008, but the veteran broadcaster has announced that it is releasing an updated version of the service which will function as a dedicated Wii Channel. The new version will be...

  • News BBC IPlayer Available On The Wii

    You can now watch Little Britain on-demand, joy of joys

    The BBC has announced that it will be introducing its innovative iPlayer service to the Wii, allowing UK gamers to access a wide range of TV shows on demand. The iPlayer service has been running on the Internet for a while now and has been a tremendous success, proving that the BBC is more than...

  • News Wii TV Channel

    Latest channel announcement from Nintendo is: the Wii TV Channel.

    Here's a little video of the channel with some random button pressing and Mii character dragging for anyone that is at all interested: Given the Japanese-ness of the action we have no idea what's going on and presumably neither does the creator of this video. All the same we are told...