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  • News The Temple of Yog Version 1.1 Update is Being Approved

    Expected to go live sometime in mid-February

    Temple of Yog has been out for a bit of time now, offering Wii U gamers a retro roguelike experience with a bizarre premise. We rather liked it in our review, and it seems that there's a plan for additional content that will hopefully take the game to new heights. While CHUDCHUD industries is hard at work...

  • Review Temple of Yog (Wii U eShop)

    Yes, this is Yog

    Human sacrifice usually comes across as a pretty big deal, but not so in Temple of Yog on the Wii U eShop. Here, the multitude of tributes you send to dungeon-crawly demises seems designed to be as disposable as a bag of crisps, and just as addictive to polish off one by one. Death is just part of the daily grind in the world of...