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  • News Atlus Teases a New Etrian Odyssey Title, Makes You Work To See It

    The cheeky scamps

    How would you like a new Etrian Odyssey game? You would? Well, it looks like Atlus has made your day. The publisher has launched a new teaser site with the tagline "this is not broccoli". It's rather quirky as it makes you click up to 10,000 meters of a tree, introducing three logos at intervals as you make your way up; at the end...

  • News Aonuma: Information About Majora's Mask Can Be Found By Playing A Link Between Worlds

    Oh Aonuma, you tease

    Another day, another "Majora's Mask remake" slice of speculation. As many will know by now, the successor to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64 has been teased time and again, but we don't seem to be growing tired of it; we're feeding from the information. There have been rumours, a listing

  • News Nintendo Teases Majora's Mask Remake Again, Again

    Oh Shigeru Miyamoto, have mercy

    So, a 3DS remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, it's coming, right? It must be, because if it doesn't a large collective of Nintendo fans will march all the way to Kyoto to protest; well, that seems likely. The classic Nintendo 64 title is beloved by many, and some believe it surpasses The Legend of Zelda:...

  • E3 2012 German Mass Effect Team Wants You to Watch Nintendo Conference

    Why could that be?

    The Nintendo press conference is almost upon us, and the German Mass Effect Facebook page has simply advised its followers to watch Nintendo's E3 press conference. It doesn't say why, which means we can all indulge in some fun speculation. Due to the power limitations of Wii the Mass Effect series has been a miss for Nintendo...

  • News Nintendo Teases Wii U Launch Line-Up

    How much more waiting?

    Today's Thursday. Nintendo will show off Wii U games on Tuesday. Want to make that wait seem even longer? Start guessing what these teased Wii U launch games are. The official Wii U Facebook page posted the following teaser last night: Guess what the initial game releases will be for Nintendo’s new home console, Wii U?...

  • News Gaijin Games Drops Another Hint of Runner 2 on Wii U

    We'd bet on it

    The video game industry is full of teases and hype generators, with carefully placed statements designed to get us all speculating with wild abandon. To be fair to Gaijin Games, its hints aren't designed to tantalise, but to smack gamers between the eyeballs and get them excited. We give you the developer's latest blog entry in...

  • News Gaijin Drops Biggest Hint Yet at Wii U Runner2

    Place your bets now, please

    Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP series started on WiiWare, but the studio's next game, BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2, is for HD consoles only. But wait — Wii U is a HD console, right? Yes it is, so we tracked down Gaijin's Alex Neuse and Mike Roush at PAX East to question them. Our editor-at-large and t-shirt-hander-outer Jon...

  • News Aonuma: Wii U Zelda Will Challenge Series Conventions

    "Expect big things"

    We've only had a few weeks of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but already series producer Eiji Aonuma is thinking about Zelda on Wii U. Speaking to Nintendo Power (via GoNintendo), Aonuma touched on what users can expect from the next home console entry in the 25-year old series: Skyward Sword is a title where we took aim at...

  • News Iwata Drops Sneaky Mario 3DS Hints

    "Packed with surprises"

    Mario is coming to 3DS in full force, with Mario Kart and Paper Mario already announced for release within the next year, but of course Nintendo is bringing 2D and 3D Mario platformers to 3DS. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has recently tossed out a tiny scrap of information, and although it's not much to go on it's still...

  • News Make What You Will of this BIT.TRIP FLUX Teaser Image

    The excitement is building

    You could fit the entire known information about BIT.TRIP FLUX onto the head of an 8-bit-styled pin, and Gaijin Games has thrown fans a bone with the release of this teaser image to promote the game. Last month Gaijin released a textual teaser which, when read along with the image, makes things rather clearer. See what you...

  • News Thought BIT.TRIP RUNNER Was Over the Finish Line? Think Again

    Gaijin Games working on something "right now"

    If you think all that's left in the BIT.TRIP series is BIT.TRIP FLUX, you might want to take a second guess. In true Gaijin Games style, programmer Chris Osborn teases us with some rather intriguing tidbits. Speaking to Destructoid, Osborn reveals that he is working on BIT.TRIP RUNNER in some form or...

  • News Goodbye Galaxy Games to Unveil New Game on Friday

    And we'll have the exclusive!

    If you played and loved Flipper on DSiWare, you might be eagerly anticipating the next game from developer Goodbye Galaxy Games. The good news is that you're about to find out what form it will take, and you can find out here first. Yes, we've teamed up with studio head Hugo Smits to bring you the first artwork and details of his new game this Friday. All we can tell..

  • News Gaijin's Alex Neuse Plays Silly Beggars About 3DS Development

    Let's play "will they, won't they"

    Those Gaijin Games guys are a wily bunch: the first teaser for BIT.TRIP FATE was vague as they come, but even that has nothing on Alex Neuse's slippery 3DS comments to Eurogamer. When quizzed about whether the studio had plans to develop on other consoles, Neuse did – or perhaps didn't – have this to say: I...

  • News Gaijin Games Tease Fifth Game in BIT.TRIP Series

    Facebook post outs new instalment...and Wii Zapper support?

    Gaijin Games, the team responsible for creating the retro-styled BIT.TRIP series on WiiWare, is spilling the bits on its latest game. Recent updates on its official facebook page have been dropping cryptic clues as to what is coming next in the series, partially revealing the title of the...

  • News THQ Teasing Innovative Wii Title for Gamescom

    Make that "very, very innovative"

    Ian Curran, THQ's Global Publishing Executive Vice President, is a fan of the 3DS: this we know from his previous discussion about its anti-piracy measures. The company is supporting the machine with plenty of content, from de Blob to Saints Row 3D, but it's not leaving the current consoles behind. Far from it, with Mr Curran teasing a big title on the way for Wii..