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  • News Sonic Lost World Producer Takashi Iizuka Wanted To "Aim For The Unexpected" With Zelda And Yoshi DLC

    "I want to make more, rather than just simply one zone"

    Wii U title Sonic Lost World was recently given some DLC-love with special Yoshi and Zelda-themed levels, and producer Takashi Iizuka has been speaking to 4gamer about how

  • News Sonic Lost World Gets Patched Up On Wii U

    100 rings finally grants an extra life

    It's fair to say that we didn't think all that much of Sonic Lost World when it arrived on the Wii U a short while ago. However, you have to give Sega credit for trying to improve things after release, as the company has released a patch which aims to fix some of the title's many problems. Here's the full list...

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    Wii U

    Review Sonic Lost World

    Sonic gets lost in his own world

    It's tough being Sonic. Every new release starring the mascot comes with a significant weight of expectancy, and the evolution from his 16-bit 2D heights to a current-day franchise hasn't always been straight-forward or successful. His home console exploits have been showing positive trends, however, with Sonic...

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    Review Sonic Lost World

    Smaller screens, bigger problems

    Due to the disparity between technical capabilities, it's tough for a dual Wii U / 3DS release to hold up on the portable device that's captivated tens of millions of gamers. So let's just toss that comparison aside and acknowledge that much of the 3DS iteration of Sonic Lost World is following the same principles...