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  • News The Sloshing Machine Neo is Splashing Its Way Into Splatoon

    Getting sloshed at the weekend

    Nintendo has found a more wholesome and healthy way for us to get sloshed this weekend (Google it), confirming the latest free weapon to be heading into Splatoon. Due on the evening of 8th January in North America and the early hours of the morning on 9th January in Europe, the Sloshing Machine Neo will bring a bit of...

  • News The Tri-Slosher Nouveau is The Next New Weapon in Splatoon

    Posh name for a green bucket

    Splatoon is heading towards the end of its weekly benevolence that brings us free extras, so we should make the most of it while we can. As is often the case the development team is serving up a fresh weapon in time for the weekend, and this time it's the Tri-Slosher Nouveau. Well, it's a green bucket, so the name seems...

  • News Get Sloshed With Splatoon's Sloshing Machine This Weekend

    Might help you clean up your act

    These are happy times for Splatoon addicts, as some weeks are actually bringing two new weapons. The second new weapon to arrive this week looks set to arrive at the normal time of 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern / 3am UK / 4am CET on Friday / Saturday, and looks a bit like a portable washing machine. It's the Sloshing...