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  • Site News Say Hello To Zion, Our New Video Guy

    (It's 'Zee-On', in case you were wondering)

    You may have noticed we've got a new face around these parts, especially if you're a keen follower of our burgeoning YouTube channel. Unfortunately, because we're horrendously disorganised we haven't done a proper introduction, so here goes: say hello to Zion, who, practically overnight, has literally...





  • Site News We Want Your Help To Become Even Better

    For the Switch players

    It's been an exciting few years for Nintendo Life. We launched the latest version of the website in early 2016 and of course, in 2017, Nintendo launched a little device called the "Nintendo Switch" which has proved rather popular. Who'd have thunk it, right? If you've been a reader for a longer period than that you'll...


  • Site News So, Where's Our Nintendo Labo Review?

    Staggered release dates, be damned

    Labo launched last week in North America, and you may well have noticed plenty of coverage going up on a wide range of sites since then. The consensus is pretty clear: Labo is a neat toy that has plenty of potential. So then, you may be wondering to yourselves, where's the all-important Nintendo Life review?...




  • Site News Welcome To The Brand New Nintendo Life!

    This is a bit different isn't it?

    Those who have been following Nintendo Life for a while should already know that we are currently in a milestone year during which I said it was time to "shake things up", so here we are, the new website in all its glory. Yes, you might need to adjust your eyes, but we're sure you'll settle in soon. What's New? The...

  • Site News Gamer Network Kindly Requests Your Help With This Survey

    Go on, it's good for karma (probably)

    As you may or may not know Nintendo Life is part of Gamer Network, an organisation that owns the likes of Eurogamer and counts others such as this very website as a partner and member of the family. Some other Gamer Network affiliated sites include our sister-publications Push Square and Pure Xbox followed by US...


  • Site News Retiring Our Super Mario Maker Course Sharer

    Super Mario Maker Bookmark takes over...

    We were super excited when Super Mario Maker was finally released for Wii U last September. Whilst we were impressed enough with the final product to give it an 'Outstanding' 10/10 in our review, we felt there was one particular thing lacking - a place to share courses with friends online. In the spirit of...

  • News Happy New Year from Nintendo Life

    So, how was 2015 for Nintendo Life?

    It's been 10 years since Nintendo Life first began and we're just about ready to wrap up our coverage of 2015, so far we've looked back over Nintendo's most notable moments in 2015, a year in development with a selection of indie developers, we've selected


  • Site News Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today

    Time flies when you're having fun

    It was difficult finding out exactly when I started Nintendo Life. I can see that the domain name was registered on 29th October 2005 and my user account was created on 4th November, but the first article 'Our Nintendo Life Begins...' was posted 10 years ago today, 7th November 2005. I guess it took me a few days to...




  • Site News Tom Has Evolved Into A New Form: Editor Tom!

    Our erstwhile Features Editor goes up a level

    Those of you that are long-time followers of this site will have witnessed Thomas Whitehead's inexorable rise from the status of mere reader to the position he has, until today, occupied with assured brilliance: Features Editor. Tom has been a hugely passionate and incredibly dedicated member of the...


  • Site News Happy "Nintendo Life" Anniversary!

    Time to celebrate, it's been four years

    Some of our long-term readers might remember that on this day four years ago we merged our three Nintendo sites — VC Reviews, WiiWare World and the original Nintendo Life — together to form the new and improved "Nintendo Life". Since then we've grown our readership to an unprecedented level, and according...



  • Site News Don't Worry, Our Wii U Reviews Are Incoming

    Taking our sweet time

    As you've no doubt noticed, the Wii U has just been released in the US. New console launches are exciting times; the anticipation of fresh hardware creates a groundswell of interest, and fans clamour over magazines and websites to digest critical reaction to new software. We're already aware from the various comments on...



  • News Happy New Year from Nintendo Life!

    Here's to 2012

    It's the very first day of 2012, and we want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy New Year. 2011 was our best year yet — we were featured in the 3DS eShop, teamed up with Eurogamer and even won a Mario Kart 7 medal — but we wouldn't be able to do any of this without the support of a great number of people


  • Site News Nintendo Life's eShop Appearance

    Check out our faves

    Here at Nintendo Life we're committed to reviewing every title released on Nintendo's download platforms. With over 1,200 download reviews covering WiiWare, Virtual Console, DSiWare and the eShop, we're confident that you won't find a more complete collection of download reviews anywhere else. If you fire up your 3DS today and...

  • Site News A Better Nintendo Life

    We're committed

    Here at Nintendo Life we've made a firm commitment to bring you the best Nintendo news and reviews site we can, but we also understand that there's always room for improvement. We would like to thank everyone who took part in our recent reader survey, as this has given us some great insight into what you like about the site and what...


  • News Happy New Year from Nintendo Life!

    Here's to what 2011 brings

    2010 was a fantastic year for Nintendo gamers, with Super Mario Galaxy 2, Shantae: Risky's Revenge and countless other top titles making their way to consoles in 2010. It was also a great year for Nintendo Life, during which we attended Media Summits, 3DS hands-on events and, for the first time,


  • Site News Happy "Nintendo Life" Anniversary!

    Time to celebrate, it's been exactly one year

    Some of our more regular guests will remember that on this day last year we merged our three Nintendo sites, Virtual Console Reviews, WiiWare World and the original Nintendo Life together to form what we now call "Nintendo Life". To celebrate we hope you enjoyed some "classic" themes across those...


  • Site News Power Up!

    Server upgrade

    We've moved to a brand spanking new server, "Slow Mondays" should be a thing of the past. Thanks to all you guys, 2009 has been a fantastic year for Nintendo Life. We've grown a lot since the fusion of Nintendo Life / Virtual Console Reviews / WiiWare World and frankly our popularity was causing our server to suffer. It's been...


  • News Take Five and Double It!


    The observant among you may have noticed that the scoring system has changed at VC Reviews from a five star system to a far more expressive scale of ten. We have debated making this change for some time as so many classics ended up getting rated with five stars (rightly of course!). Now you’ll notice a lot more 9/10 scores and only a handful...


  • News Virtual Console Reviews is Two Today!

    Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Two years ago today Virtual Console Reviews was brought kicking and screaming into the world. That’s 731 days (or 17,544 hours) of Virtual Console-related news, reviews and features – quite a feat, we’re sure you’ll agree.

    Since last year’s birthday celebrations quite a lot has happened to the site. The name-change is the most obvious thing -..


  • Feature Retro Gamer Magazine Interview VC Reviews

    Keeping it retro

    Recently we did an interview with Retro Gamer magazine about the success of VC Reviews and our thoughts on the Virtual Console service so far. If you are interested to read it why not pick up the magazine (issue #53) and take a look for yourself? It is available today in all good newsagents such as WHSmiths in the UK. For our many...


  • News WiiWare World Finds Fame On German TV!

    WiiWare World snatched its first moment of fame as German TV Show Wiimotion treated its viewers to a glimpse of our beloved pages on Monday on their WiiWare special show.

    WiiWare World’s older cousin VC Reviews is no stranger to such fame, Vio Tensil of Wiimotion has already featured it on the show last year, and it even got another mention again this time. As we are no experts in the German..

  • News Join The WiiWare World Facebook group!

    To celebrate the launch of WiiWare World we have shamelessly jumped on the social networking bandwagon and set up a Facebook group!

    Why not join up today? You'll probably never bother with it after you join in the true spirit of Facebook Groups, but getting a post on your wall to say you joined will give you a warm fuzzy feeling. We'd love to see some WiiWare developers on our group! C'mon guys,..

  • News Welcome to WiiWare World

    Stay a while, stay forever!

    As you're most probably aware, Nintendo’s new WiiWare service launched in the US today and to coincide with this truly momentous event we’re also lifting the lid on WiiWare World, your one-stop resource for all things related to the gaming portal. You might recognise some of the faces here from our stupendously...

  • News Introducing WiiWare World

    The smell of change is in the air. On Monday 12th May the WiiWare service is launching in the USA. Will the world ever be the same again?

    To coincide with this momentous occasion it is with great pleasure that we can announce we will be launching a new site specifically dedicated to WiiWare (or Wii Software to Euro gamers!). Behold the future,...


  • News Revamped Site is Now Live!

    VC Reviews gets an upgrade

    No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Your favourite Virtual Console resource has undergone something of a facelift. At first glance the cosmetic changes may seem a bit on the minor side, but it would be an understatement to say that behind the scenes the site has been revolutionized. You’ll notice there’s now a rather...

  • News Wii Look To 2008

    Lets be honest, 2007 was a fantastic year for Nintendo, Wii and DS have had an amazing holiday season and things haven't looked this good in years.

    As another New Year rolls around we feel its time to reflect, it's still hard to believe just how good a year 2007 was for Nintendo, DS and Wii sales have rocketed and production has constantly been increased. It was only 2 years ago that Gamecube was..


  • News The Virtual Console Archive is One Today!

    Crack out the cocktail sausages and don your party hats, because today the Virtual Console Archive celebrates its first birthday along with the North American release of the Nintendo Wii.

    When we started this site over twelve months ago we saw it as a side project that would keep us busy once we'd ran out of things to do over at The Mean Machines Archive. Little did we know that the VCA would go on..


  • Feature The Virtual Console Archive on German TV!

    It seems we are famous at last - we've made it onto TV!

    Well, in Germany, at least. Yes, the country that just can't seem to get enough of The Hoff also loves the VCA. We were featured on a recent episode of GiGa's 'WiiMotion' show, which, if you couldn't have guessed from the title, is devoted to Nintendo's shiny new console. Although they only...


  • Feature GamesTM interview VC Reviews (Issue 54)

    VC Reviews get their 15 minutes of fame this month as our favourite UK multi-format videogame magazine GamesTM publish a recent interview we did with them!

    Issue 54 of GamesTM will hit the shelves of all good newsagents in the UK on the 22nd of February. We get a 2 page spread in the retro section (pages 150/151) We say our piece about the PAL 50Hz...

  • News Knowing Me, Knowing You

    Ah ha! Upcoming gaming blog Game People interview Nintendo Life founder on life, games and blogging.

    Were you ever curious about who made Nintendo Life? I doubt it - but If you were, now you have a chance to find out about our founding member courtesy of Andy from Game People. Andy approached me last week and told me all about a new regular interview feature on his site called "Blogging People"..


  • News Wii Wish You A Rabbid Christmas

    It's that time of the year, where thousands of kids (and the bigger, older, kids) are opening up their presents in hope of finding some Nintendo magic.

    I hope that fat bearded guy (no, I am not talking about pHaT-aNt_ ) brought everyone what they wanted... Just make sure to keep the Wii away from drunken relatives! So on behalf of everyone at NintendoLife, I wish you all the very best this..


  • News Weekend Of Wii

    Alas the Wii consumes me, the weekend primarily consists of lots of Wii action.

    You've probably noticed that updates have been rather lacking the past few days, for that I am sorry. But as you may know, Fedex dropped off my Wii last week which meant the past two days was my first weekend of Wii. Did you really expect me to leave it alone? Considering I have 4 games at the moment, which have I been..

  • News 30 Days Of Wii celebrates the Wii countdown with 30 days of Wii, heaps of Previews, Articles and Reviews on the way.

    The staff over at really can't wait for Wii to come out, we're quite literally sitting on our hands right now. We've decided to mark the occasion with a special 30 days of articles leading upto the European launch. We'll be posting a different..


  • News Merry Christmas

    It's that time of year again, only one post today and that's to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

    We can imagine all of you having the same disappointment on your face this morning, not because it wasn't a white Christmas, but because Santa didn't leave you a Nintendo Revolution. Shame on you, Santa. Hopefully he brought you something else Nintendo, maybe Mario Kart DS, maybe Mario Smash..


  • News Our Nintendo Life Begins...

    As they always say, "it has to start somewhere"

    It just so happens that somewhere is right here. Lets get the ball rolling with our first ever article. So, this is what an article looks like huh? Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of these over the next few years. That's right kids, we're in it for the long haul this time. We'll be looking for...