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    Glide don't run

    Shu doesn't reflect many modern 2D platformer trends. It's far too old school for that. Rather perversely, it's this traditional approach that makes the game feel rather fresh. We're not dealing with an explorative Metroidvania here, nor is Shu a roguelike with randomised levels and permadeath. It's just a plain old fashioned...

  • News Hand-Drawn Platformer Shu Will Jump Onto Switch in January

    Delayed slightly, but for good reason

    Developer Coatsink has announced that its attractively hand-drawn platformer Shu will be arriving digitally on Nintendo Switch on January 23rd 2018. The game is set across six different worlds and will see you play through fast-paced platforming action, battling to save your friends from a mysterious storm...

  • Feature We Breeze Through Shu on Switch and Chat to Its Lead Designer

    "We're looking to learn from it, understand what's possible"

    The Switch has seen plenty of indies find success on the platform since the console's launch back in March. Now Coatsink Studios is aiming to contribute to this by bringing 2D platformer Shu to the Switch, with the previously released Caverns of the Nightjars DLC included in a purchase...